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Hotels in Naples


247 Accommodations in Naples

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Starhotel Terminus Stars

Naples 2 km from city centre Score: 3.5 / 5 964 reviews
from 46

Grand Hotel Santa Lucia Stars

Naples 1.2 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 629 reviews
from 73

Hotel Royal Continental Stars

Naples 1.2 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 2285 reviews
from 60

Grand Hotel Europa Stars

Naples 2.3 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 1101 reviews
from 16

Hotel Palazzo Salgar Stars

Naples 1.2 km from city centre Score: 0 / 5 0 reviews
from 30

Guiren Hotel Stars

Naples Score: 3 / 5 133 reviews
from 17

Hotel Ramada Naples Stars

Naples 2.3 km from city centre Score: 3.5 / 5 794 reviews
from 31

Hotel Romeo Stars

Naples Score: 4 / 5 856 reviews
from 115

Hotel Villa Capodimonte Stars

Naples 2.7 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 394 reviews
from 31

Hotel Garden Napoli Stars

Naples 2 km from city centre Score: 3 / 5 192 reviews
from 14

Hotel Diamond Napoli Stars

Naples 1.6 km from city centre Score: 0 / 5 0 reviews
from 24

Hotel Albergo del Golfo Stars

Naples 525 m from city centre Score: 3.5 / 5 264 reviews
from 30

Hotel Millennium Gold Stars

Naples 4.5 km from city centre Score: 3 / 5 356 reviews
from 20

Hotel Stelle Stars

Naples 2.4 km from city centre Score: 0 / 5 0 reviews
from 30

Hotel Ferdinando II Stars

Naples Score: 0 / 5 0 reviews
from 22

Grand Hotel Capodimonte Stars

Naples Score: 4.5 / 5 108 reviews
from 24

Accommodations in Naples

Naples distills activity, dynamism and personality. The city’s boisterous nature and its history make any visit a rich experience for the visitor. Its origins date back to the 6th and 7th centuries BC, and it has conserved Roman, Medieval and Spanish legacies in its street plan and monuments. Smoky Vesuvius rests in the city’s background as well as the people’s sub-conscious, producing a populace who live every moment as if it were their last.

To know the Greco-Roman historical center of Naples, begin in the Piazza of Gesú Nuovo with the 15th century church of the same name, whose walls are adorned with diamond-shaped point, and the 34 meter-tall, 18th century Spire of the Immaculate Virgin. Close by, the 14th century Gothic style Church of Santa Clara of Provençal boasts an interesting cloister, while Via Benedetto Croce contains the 14th century Filomarino Palace della Rocca. In the next piazza, named after its church, San Domenico Maggiore, the Corigliano Palace, and the Palace of San Severo are also found. Don’t miss the almost hidden lateral street of San Domenico, and the Chapel of San Severo, with its complex Baroque design. In Via San Gregorio Armeno you find Naples’ famous nativity-scene artisans, while nearby sits the bell tower of the Church of San Gregorio and the cloister of the Convent. In Piazza San Gaetano sit the 7th century church of San Paolo Maggiore and the 10th century church of San Lorenzo Maggiori, where it is possible to visit the Greco-Roman excavations. You then arrive at the Cathedral of Naples, the Duomo, built in the 14th century in a Gothic style that emphasizes the chapels of Tesoro and Saint Thomas Aquinas, and the steeple. At the end of Via dei Tribunali you can observe the oldest castle in Naples, the Castle Capuano.

Approaching the sea, you will see the “Castel Novo” or “Maschio Angioino”, to whose imposing 13th century strength later changes were added, including a great cylindrical Triumphal Arc-like entrance and five towers. In the proximity are the Theater San Carlo, the Baroque Church of San Ferdinando, and the 17th century Royal Palace - the Palace remained unfinished until the mid-19th century, and is complete with rich gardens and a Rococo interior. In the Gulf of Naples sits the 12th century “Castel dell' Ovo” , an ancient prison and royal residence. From this piazza emerges Via Toledo, one of Naples’ primary arteries, filled with churches and old palaces, which gives an entrance to the Quarteri Spagnoli (Spanish Districts).